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New Product – SYR Powr Mop Lite

SYR Powr Mop LiteSYR has unveiled Powr Mop Lite (PML). Oscillating at 3,500 mini-scrubs per minute at the push of a button, PML cleans at the speed you walk, without trailing cables. It follows years of research and millions of pounds of research investment. Using microfibre pads with over six million split end fibres, it grabs and removes dirt and grime from all internal hard surface floors. Thanks to the fact that it oscillates, its multi-directional cleaning makes it especially effective on non-slip and safety flooring – until now notoriously difficult to clean.

SYR chairman Scot Young says: “For 200 years the world of mopping has stood still. The tradition of ‘slop and mop’ has not progressed. “Floor machine manufacturers have tried, and failed, to move into this arena. Some have named their machine after a mop to try to convince us it will do what a mop does. They too have failed. High standard “Our first task was to work from the ground up and invent a product that would clean a floor safely and to a standard that not even a floor machine could achieve. The next step was to control the clean so that the same high standard would be achieved every time. “From our extensive real-world research, we saw using the ‘figure of 8’ method for cleaning created a danger from having to walk backwards when mopping. This became a key focus in our research and development. “And so we give you Powr Mop Lite, the world’s first motorised forward-facing mopping system, designed by mopping experts to deliver what the industry has been waiting for.”

PML makes life easier for the cleaner, as the oscillation does the work and it simply needs to be guided across the floor.The head – which attaches by magnets – can be placed either length or width ways, depending on the area to be cleaned. Powered by rechargable battery, it can clean up to 400m2 off one charge. Saturated by dirt The system makes use of the exceptional cleaning abilities of microfibre. Microfibre, however, has an inherent weakness. Once it is saturated by dirt it becomes useless and needs to be cleaned – which cannot be done by simply rinsing it out. Usually this means using multiple heads in succession and then laundering them at the end of the shift.

SYR has answered this problem, however, by inventing a patented bucket-and-wringer system which allows the user to clean the head of your Powr Mop Lite as you work. ScrubClean features SYR’s revolutionary motorised brush roller wringer. The patented design features rotating brush bars powered by the SYR-developed twin micro motors. The brushes remove dirt from the mophead by simply washing it in cleaning solution and placing it into the rotating brushes, which scrub it clean. This means you can work with a clean flatmop 100% of the time – there’s no need to keep changing heads and laundering them all later. “We are bringing a range of patented cleaning equipment to the market that is specifically designed to meet the cleaning requirements of the newer types of resilient flooring,” says Scot Young. “This equipment will bring major improvements in floor cleaning and safety standards while delivering a consistent, high-quality result, time after time after time.”



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Product Spotlight – Looblade

Here at Wessex, we’re always looking out for the latest product innovations and we’ve found a fantastic product to kick off 2017!

The LooBlade aims to improve the look, functionality and hygiene of a toilet brush and solve the issue of dirt and bacteria accumulation to create an improved cleaning, draining and drying ability.

Germ-killing, quick-drying, easy-clean: this reinvention of the toilet brush has an 8-blade helix head to enhance cleaning power.

LooBlade follows the toilet contours. It reaches under the rim with ease, and contains an anti-microbial that’s laboratory tested and certified to kill 99.9% of germs, both during and after cleaning.

LooBlade does not get clogged up like the bristles of a brush. Its specially-designed hydrophobic materials shed water and dry quickly.

The ‘hollow-point’ head feature helps act as a plunger to clear blockages, and the unique holder design allows free air flow to ensure no residual water collects.



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