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Interclean Amsterdam 2018

This week saw Interclean return to Amsterdam for their 2018 show, There were a lot of fantastic and Innovative products on display… Below are our top picks from this years show!


Dulevo D.zero²

The new electric street sweeper is characterised by zero CO2 emissions, zero dust pollution and zero harmful gases re-emitted into the environment during collection.

The various work functions, being electric and therefore not dependent on a traditional engine, reduce noise emissions by 10% with respect to traditional street sweepers. This particular characteristic enables the operators to make the most of the night shift, cleaning the streets without disturbing the peace.

The D.zero² suction sweeper was designed by following the most modern concepts of ergonomics, usability and performance. It is distinguished by its versatility: it has a variable cleaning track and patented suction outlet, thus it adapts itself perfectly to tight spaces while also still covering large surface areas.




The sidewalk sweeper ITALA135 collects the dirt by a central brush. It is very quiet and suitable for cleaning private and public areas, including sidewalks. The street sweeper ITALA 135 allows the collection of bulky waste through an orientable hose, reaching narrow spaces, such as flower beds, outlines benches, etc. The urban sweeper ITALA 135 can be used as a walk behind sweeper or as a ride on sweeper by adding the operator’s trolley, according to different working conditions.









High pressure trailer JMB-M 350/18

The JMB-M hot water high pressure washer knows a varied applicability, certainly in places where there is no electricity, due to its on-board power source and self-contained operation. This JMB-M is equipped with the latest green technologies, like our very own GreenBoiler, which provides a considerable fuel saving. Likewise the Inter-cooling system, where water from the tank is used for engine cooling and preheating through the heat exchanger, creates a fuel saving of 15% for the burner. Moreover, the diesel engine is cooled even more by means of a supplementary air cooling system for the engine compartment.

Keeping in mind the environment, we installed an auto-stop system as to make the engine stop when there is no cleaning activity for 30 minutes. What’s more, it is possible to clean at less than 85dB when the trailer is completely closed.

The green idea of DiBO returns repeatedly: like in the green coloured aerodynamic polyethylene case, which can be opened completely.





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5 things you didn’t know about microfibre cloths!

Microfibre cloths are now an established part of our cleaning armoury. But do you how they remove nasty germs and why you shouldn’t use fabric conditioner when you wash them?

Read our handy guide to find out everything you need to know (and some things you didn’t need to know) about microfibre cloths.


1. The chemistry, physics and biology of microfibres

Stay with us, we are going to make this as simple as we can, even though it involves quantum mechanics, molecular physics and microbiology…
The millions of tiny plastic fibres in a microfibre cloth pick up microscopic particles by an attraction called Van Der Waals force, which, if you passed your Chemistry GSCE, you will know all about.
In simple terms, the fibres attract the particles with a static electric charge, holding on to them until you wash the cloth and remove them. Those microscopic particles can include pathogens which normal cloths leave behind, so your microfibre cloth takes cleaning to a whole new, hygienic level.

2. Squeaky clean – without the cleaning chemicals
If you keep your cloths in tip-top condition, you don’t need cleaning sprays, anti-bacterial cleaners or bleach-based products to do the cleaning. The cloths pick up everything and they are far more effective than a traditional cloth used with a spray.
The key reason for this is that they hold onto the particles they collect, rather than simply moving them around. They also deal with the tiny particles that other cloths leave behind. Not only is this more hygienic but it also leaves surfaces, including glass, mirrors and tiles, shiny and smear free.

3. Handle with care…
How you care for your cloths is the single most important factor in getting them to do their job properly.

Ideally, wash them separately in warm water to break down the forces that are holding together the fibres and the dirt particles. Wash them with InnuScience Nu-Cycle eco-friendly microfibre wash, which uses biotechnology to provide full laundry power at 30°C. Don’t use fabric conditioners in the wash as they will clog up the fibres and reduce their effectiveness.
Dry them either very gently in the tumble dryer, or even better, in the open air. Strong heat will melt the fibres.
Wash and store your cloths separately to your other laundry as they will attract lint from anything they come into contact with (they are simply doing the job they were designed to do.)

4. Great things come in small packages
Ready for a few mind-blowing facts and figures?  Microfibres are the superheroes of the cleaning world with hidden super powers:

  • A single microfibre can be up to 100 times thinner than a human hair
  • Some microfibre cloths can remove 99.99% of germs, without using chemicals!
  • A microfibre can hold on to up to 7-8 times its own weight in liquid
  • A carefully looked-after woven microfibre cloth can be washed and reused up to 600 times

5. A microfibre cloth for every jobMicrofibre cloths have several benefits

over traditional cloths.As we have seen, they are great for surfaces that you want to keep clean and germ-free without using chemicals.

Used dry they make great dusters. Remember how they hold onto particles? Well, a traditional duster, simply moves the dust while a microfibre duster picks it up and hangs onto it.

For cleaning up spillages, they guzzle liquid and hold onto it, reducing the work and the water involved. A great advantage of microfibre mops.

For cleaning mirrors and glass, lightly wet a corner of a cloth for the first clean and then use the dry part for an amazing smear-free, lint-free shine. Some cloths are designed specifically for glass.