North Shore

North Shore offers a comprehensive range of premium washroom dispensers and consumables for the away-from-home market, sold exclusively via a network of preferred distributor partners.

Meticulously designed to meet the highest demands of the modern washroom, North Shore brings together a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic, supreme functionality and hygiene to deliver market leading performance.

Easy to maintain, North Shore dispensers have been engineered specifically to reduce waste, and ultimately reduce costs. North Shore proudly carries the EU Ecolabel Certificate across all recycled paper and a selection of soap products.

Available in three colourways, North Shore is ideal for any washroom décor and offers a full complement of washroom dispensers, including toilet roll, roll towel, folded towel and soap dispensers.

If you need a washroom solution that reduces cost, waste and maintenance then North Shore is the perfect match for you.


  • High Capacity -Significant reduction in janitorial maintenance and service visits makes this range perfect for high footfall washrooms. Compact designs are also available for when space is at a premium.
  • No Theft -All dispensers are equipped with a secure locking system meaning the contents are safe inside.
  • Abuse – Dispensers are constructed from very durable ABS plastic to minimise any damage that can be caused to them.
  • Easy Installation – Dispensers are supplied with fitting templates and easy to follow instructions.


  • Prevents Overuse -Towels are dispensed in economic lengths for controlled dispensing, reducing waste.
  • Reduce Waste -Specifically designed for the user to use 100% of the paper before being able to use the next one.
  • Drain Friendly Products – Fast breakdown in water makes this suitable for use in high volume areas and areas with problematic plumbing.


  • Wipe Clean – Dispensers feature easy to clean and durable surfaces.
  • Single Sheet Presentation – Users only touch the paper they will use, reducing the risk of any contamination.

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